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Game details

Fruzzle - a game totally in third dimension, which brings to the computer an infinite challenge!

Ambiented in a lake, you control a cute little frog, that should jump everywhere on a level.

With every hop, the place where you were will sink underwater, making it impossible to go there again. When only one place remains, you will jump to next stage.

However, as no frog can hop backwards, the game gets more difficult and the player has to think twice before jumping!

The stages in the game are all created randomly, which makes almost impossible to play the same level twice!

Some Fruzzle details:
  • 50 stages per play in 10 difficult levels
  • 2 game modes: "timed" and "normal"
  • Totally 3D graphics
  • High scores list
  • Game badges for those who finishes the game
  • Game in portuguese, english and spanish


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Game requirements

PC with 1Ghz processor, 256Mb of RAM and 3D video card with 32Mb compatible with OpenGL, 10Mb of available hard disk space, Windows, Linux or OS/X operational system.