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Windows (11/16/2009)  

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Game details

Match3D is a game that takes the match-3 genre to the next level, into the 3D realm.

Not only the game is in gorgeus realtime 3D graphics, but it actually let you use 3D red-cyan glasses to get the real 3D sensation!
The challenge now are much higher than in normal match-3 games, because now you can rotate the playing field and make more combos than ever!

With two different playing modes (timed and relaxed), power-ups (twister and rocket) and multi-blocks bonuses, this game is garanteed fun!

Some features of Match3D (in the full version):

  • Unlimited gameplay!
  • Put your name amongst the best players
  • More colored blocks, including random blocks
  • Use the rocket to remove several blocks at once
  • Bomb block, which remove all blocks around it
  • Search for matchs, at the cost of 1000 points
  • Multi-language game, supporting both English and Portuguese!


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Game requirements

PC with 500Mhz processor, 64Mb of RAM and 3D graphics card with 32Mb compatible with Direct-X 7, 8Mb of free hard disk space, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.
Minimum of 800 x 600 resolution recommended for 3D glass mode.