Time Scanner
Time Scanner was originally an arcade game, developed by SEGA in 1987. The game was made on ZX Spectrum by Spidersoft and published by Activision in 1989, later being ported to MSX, but only on tape.

The game consists of 4 pinball tables, divided each into two screens. As you go from from top to bottom, the screen freezes and scrolls down - or vice-versa.

The game starts on the "Volcano" table, and you must perform certain tasks to be able to advance in the game and play the next ones.

In "Volcano" you need to throw the balls into the circular ramps on the lower half of the screen, lighting up the word "Volcano". After that you will be rewarded with three balls. To go to the next level, just shoot the ball at a "time tunnel" on the top half of the screen.