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News / Development log

07, April, 2007
Finally, the game is available! Get it on the ICON Game's Webstore!


14, January, 2007
Site updated, with small game video uploaded.


04, February, 2004
Carmen Sandiego officially announced. The website is now online!


31, January, 2004
Thanks to three big fudebas from the brazilian mail-list, FRS , Adriano and Daniel Caetano, now I have working mouse routines, which can correctly detect if your MSX has or not a mouse... but strangely it still works only on emulators, on real msx the mouse just won't move...


30, January, 2004
New screenshots online! One of them showing the criminal profiles, which is completely done! Now only missing the jail sound fx, the hall of fame and the mouse bug =P


29, January, 2004
More time passed, but finally I have mapped all the flight times between all cities. A hell of a job! It's nothing less than 30 cities that can connect to each one on a random basis... now the game needs the sound fx of a "closing jail door", to implement the hall of fame and the criminal profiles, and to fix a mouse bug - on the real machine the mouse is not detected, but on all emulators they are... the biggest problem with this is that I don't own a MSX mouse... so it will be very hard to figure out what's wrong with this =(


23, November, 2003
After a looong time, I finally hammered some nasty bugs that were preventing the game to be completed. Just a couple more of bugs to go, one sound fx and some tweaking and the game will be ready.


17, September, 2003
Animations when you arrive to a city where the thief is, fully implemented! Also implemented the music played at the same time ;)


15, September, 2003
Witnesses fully implemented!
What's still have to be done in the 5.7kb I sill (miraculously) have left:
    * Implement the time between cities
    * read/write detectives from disc/hall of fame
    * animations when you arrive to a city where the thief
    * musics (convert them and how to play them)


14, September, 2003
Watch out! The thief is in the game!
You can now chase the thief, and the witnesses actually help you! But they still have to give you hints about the thief's appearance...
Still lots to be done, but only 5.7kb free... and MSX-Rio will be in 13 days!


12, September, 2003
The game now asks your name ^_^.
Also, fixed a couple of bugs with the witnesses and freed a little bit of memory in the process.


24, June, 2003
Some screenshots on the site.
The texts for witnesses are more correct now. Still getting tips where the thief are from the original game, and trying to figure out the time table and the tips on the thief looks.


12, May, 2003
You can sleep now, and also the printers head follows the text being printed.


28, April, 2003
Witnesses are learning to talk right now =).


26, April, 2003
Places and witnesses partially implemented. The witnesses dont speak for now.


04, April, 2003
Website being created...more graphics ripped


02, April, 2003
Mouse routines implemented


20, March, 2003
Map and computer fully functional now, you can even get warrants against the thieves!


14, March, 2003
The Map, computer and "new game" functions are basicly implemented. All cities descriptions typed in.


02, March, 2003
The game started! Not much, some screens converted, and the treasures are all listed.