The Game

    Dungeons & Dragons is a game totally based on the TV animated cartoon show of the same name.

    The game was created and sold on MSX-Jaú 2004, where a small limited batch was released to MSX computer fans, in CD-ROM with DVD cover.

    With videos from the cartoon being played on the game using the EVA tecnology, you go through the story of the last tv-aired episode, "Cave of the Faerie Dragons".

    Counting not only with the videos to tell how the story unfolds, the game also uses the 256 colors from screen 8 to achieve a graphical level few times seen on a MSX. And it still uses MSX turbo-R PCM to play a sample on the game over screen ;)

    Dungeons & Dragons, although being a short game created as a concept-proof of what a MSX can really do, is still a very enjoyable game.

    To run this game is necessary an MSX2 or superior with 7Mhz (MSX turbo-R recommended), IDE Interface, MSX-DOS2, MSX-Music, 128Kb mapper and CD-ROM.

This game does not work on emulators.


    You can choose which main cartoon characther you want to play in the game:

  •  Bobby, the barbarian.
  •  Diana, the acrobat.
  •  Eric, the cavalier.
  •  Hank, the ranger.
  •  Presto, the wizard.
  •  Sheila, the thief.

    Every character has its on advantages and disadvantages; for exemple, Bobby is the strongest, Eric has the better defense in the game and Sheila is the one with more probabilities to run away from conflict successfully.


First level

Talking to a character

Fighting on level 2

Level 3

Fighting on level 3

Level 4

A locked door!

The last level


    See the game package, when it was originally released:




    I would like to thank the people below, mostly because without them this project would never been possible:

  • Seiji Sato - If it wasn't for the MSX turbo-R kindly donated by him on the Baboo! promotion, this game would never have been produced.
  • [D-Tail] from Bitwise - Thanks to his EVA-CON converter there is a MSX2 version of this game.
  • Kari Lammassari - for creating his amazing Pascal routines, witch I used as a base for my own routines used in the game and that are a part of MSXPad.
  • Daniel Caetano, Dante Nishida and Adriano Cunha - for bugtesting the game during it's development, and for the support during it's creation.

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