title screen

Your task as the hard drive controller is to read the data bits in the correct color order. Prevent a hard drive crash by reading the bits before the latency buffer underflows!

Don't forget to watch out for viruses, they will destroy your buffers!

Begin the Game
Select Play on the title screen and press space

in game screen

To read a data bit
Press space when the data is underneath you

Latency Buffer
The time remaining to read the next bit, decreases with time or if wrong bit was read. The time is indicated by the top bar on the bottom of the screen

Progress Bar
Shows how much of the program you have read. It's indicated by the bottom bar on the screen.

Move up and down with up and down keys from cursor. To accelarate press left key.

Game Over

SCISICIDE was a game developed in 2001 by J.Grand for Atari 2600. You can get that game at http://www.pixelspast.com/games/scsicide/
The MSX version is inspired on this game, with a few twists (like the presence of virus in the game)

Programmed by SLotman
Homepage: http://www.icongames.com.br/msxfiles/

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