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The one who breaks the seal will be trapped by Gog's curse.
This box should not be opened.


Download the last translated beta version: Shalom in English, beta 4

Last Update: 12/12/2003

Translated so far: 98%



The correct pronounce is "shã-'lOm".
Among the jewish, it's a tradicional word of goodbye, meaning peace.
It used to mean "That the peace rules and God be with you".


I f you are a man, fill up your name in the (_____) and fill the name of the girl you like in the (_____), please. If you're a woman, put the name of the boy you love on the (_____), and your name on the (_____), please.

Prepare yourself now to what you've been waiting for so long! The final part of the Knightmare saga will begin. Take care...

(_____) is a college student, that has dedicated himself to the post of leader at the computer club. But, in fact, what he really wanted is to change the computer club into a computer game club.

After the classes, (_____) waste his time in the club's computers, playing and not making his homework.

(_____) is a member of the same computer club of (_____), and also studies in the same class. (_____) is dumb and didn't figure out that (_____) likes him.

Today (_____) was playing at the club, when someone entered.

The door opened, and (_____) came in.

"Hey, did you come alone?"


"Hmm... What you're carrying? It's the new Konami game, Shalom, isn't it? Let's play it right now!"

"This game is weird. Would be best if you don't play it."

"Don't be cheap!"

(_____) takes Shalom from her hand by force, and, immediately, connects the cartridge in the computer and turn it on.

The game begins. But, suddenly...


"Aaaaahhh! (_____)!"

(_____) disappears before the eyes of (_____)!

The game

1 This game is single player only. Can be played with keyboard or joystick.

2 When the title screen shows, press the SPACE key or joystick button to start the prologue, and soon after the game will begin. If you want to skip the prologue and go directly to the game,  press the M key, please.

3 The main goal of the game is to find an exit from the Greek Realm back to your own world.


Original Game
Konami 1988
Ricardo Bittencourt
Ricardo Bittencourt
Inah Matsuura
Reinaldo Quaresma
Noriko Shindo
Alex Sato
Takamichi Suzukawa
Kyoko Koizumi
Marcos Kawata
Rebecca Alene Warner
Manual Scans
Rieks Torringa
Beta testing
Adriano Cunha
Raul Tabajara
Luciano Sturaro
Leandro Pereira
Vanessa Sabino
Fernando Galego
Author: Ricardo Bittencourt & SLotman
Date: 29/9/2002
Copyright © 2002 Ricardo Bittencourt