Escape from Alcatraz!

One of the most sucessful games from Icon Games puts you in the shoes of one of the prisoners, inside the Alcatraz prison - and your objective is nothing less then to escape!

In order to do that you'll have to avoid guards, guard dogs and many other obstacles!

Are you up to this task?

Learn more about it, on the game page

Chroma Wheel!

Match the colors to absorb the incoming meteors!

Every meteor you successfully absorb, you grow bigger and gather energy to level up!

A brand new action / puzzle game from Icon Games! Check it out here!

Deuces Wild Casino Poker

Deuces Wild Casino Poker

captures all the fun of the thrilling card game right in your computer!

This poker challenge will get you hooked!

Mahjong Max!

Help Valéria to organize a Chinese exposition on the Cultural International Museum!

An unique take in the Mahjong Solitaire genre!

Learn more about the game, available for Windows and Mac.

Puzzle Trip:Rio!

On this game you'll have to solve puzzles having as background the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro!

Learn more about the game, available for Windows, Linux and Mac.