Boxboy is a Sokoban style game for MSX1. Although not a revolutionary game, it has some interesting concepts implemented on it: Dynamic Shadows (watch shadows move as you move the crates around), pretty graphics (simulating different colors on MSX1), 150 levels divided into 6 worlds, and even an online high score table, inspired by Lotus F3 -- and all that into only 32kb!

You start as a new employee on a warehouse in Japan. You must work hard to become the boss of the company! To get there, you need to organize your storage, by placing all crates in every location at their "goals" (some X blocks on the screen) as quickly as possible. So less moves and less pushing boxes around will give you more points! But in order to do that, you must follow three simple rules:

As you progress, you'll visit several locations: you start at an wharehouse in Japan, go through a military base in USA, visit an old castle in Spain, a camp forest on Brazil, a lost temple in Africa and an ice igloo in North Pole.

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