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Megaram Project? What is that?

Well, a while ago I just got an MSX 2 with megaram. Then, I decided to get the games I used to play... what was my surprise! All the games I downloaded were just to MSX with memory mapper!

Well... and what about the users(brasilians in special) that don't have mappers? Can't they play?
That's why I created this site. I intend to gather the maximum ammount of software that uses Megaram.

All the programs found on this page were tested in a real MSX, and are just the compressed files. Only in case of disk protected against copies that disk images will be used. No ROM files will be included.

I Would like to thanks Werner Kai, Sergio Charin and Adriano Camargo for their help in the search of this games and/or configuration of my MSX, Emerson William for the games 1942 (msx1), Family Boxing, Family Billiards, Outrun, Shalom, Super Rambo Special, Xevious and Zanac Ex, to Paulo Sergio for Kings Valley 2 (msx2), Mon Mon Monster, Animal Wars 2, Metal Gear 2, Cross Blaim and Space Manbow, to André Sommer for Hydlide 2 and Mitsume Gatoru, Father Ignatius for the games 1942 (msx2), Andorogynus, Ashguine 2, Craze, Digital Devil Story, Dragon Slayer 4, Dynamite Bowl, Eggerland Mistery 2, Famicle Parodic, Fantasy Zone, Gall Force, Hard Ball, Higemaru, Ikari Warriors, King Knight, Konami's Baseball, Konami's Baseball 2, Metal Gear, Mr.Ghost, Punky, Quarth, Racing Cars, Scramble Formation, Super Runner, Super Triton, Treasure of Usas and Vaxol, to Dr.Venom for Daiva 4, to Luciano Menezes for David Bowie's Labyrinth, R-Type and Topple Zip, to Antonio Kantek for Bubble Bobble, to Fernando Collazo for Strategic Mars and to Marcos Daniel for Shigun. Thanks to all!