Gilbert is a filthy alien hero who gets his colleagues on planet Drill a bit annoyed. He can't stop telling every one how wonderful he is, so when he gets offered a new contract to appear on Earth TV, his not-so-friendly friends nick some essential bits of his space-ship, the Millennium Dustbin, so as he won't be able to get to Earth to sign the contract.

But there's one hope left: scatered around planet Drill are four arcade machines. Play the games successfully, and the machines will give him a clue to the location of one of the parts for the Dustbin. Those arcades are:

Brain Drain - a memory game where you have to match tiles by remembering where you saw them;

Sprout Wars - shoot the little face lots of times without hitting any of the sprouts;

Greed - snake game variant where you collect numbered bags of money in order without crossing your path or hitting the walls;

Earth Invaders - shoot at those pesky humans before they reach you;

But that's not all of Gilbert's problems... his "friends" will try to stop him during the search, making him loose time at each encounter! The only way for Gilbert to defend himself is to melt them with his snot. Yes, SNOT - you read it right.

So hurry and find those game machines and master them - it's the only way to reach Earth in time!

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